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What are the Chakras

So I have read about chakras, energy centres in the body. Whether they are real you can decide, but I have felt pressure on my forehead when meditating I'm pretty sure is my third eye so I kinda feel they're real. I think we are made of energy, all essential energy is the same and our bodies have an energy componenet of which chakras make up part of. Pretty cool.

Anyway, there are said to be many chakras, but generally people work with 7 which govern different aspects of your life. We can balance our chakras through different methods, such as making changes to our lifestyle, or meditation. This article will discuss alternative healing methods as well as a generalised mediation at the end which can be used for any of the chakras.

The Root Chakra

Location: Base of spine

Colour: Red

Governs: safety, security, groundedness

Mantra: I am safe, I Am

Sound: Lah

An unbalanced root chakra could lead to anxiety, potentially a reason for anxiety in society is an unbalanced root chakra, feeling unsafe in the world. To balance, create a nice home for yourself wherever you are. Get your space the way you like it, decorate, make it your own. Eat warm meals, sleep well, drink water. Try to practice feeling grounded, at peace, safe, wherever you are.

The Sacral Chakra

Location: Navel

Colour: Orange

Governs: creativity, sexuality, liberation

Mantra: I am creative, I am free

Sound: Vah

The Sacral Chakra governs things such as creativity, sexuality and liberation. An unbalanced sacral chakra may lead to you being blocked creatively, sexually, or feeling trapped. If overactive you may be overly exerting these traits instead of having them blocked. To balance, try being creative in whatever way you feel. Not for any reason other than to express yourself, write poetry, do doodles, make music, anything that requires you imprinting yourself into what you're doing. Liberate yourself from chains you are in, like addiction for instance, or negative situations. Feel free to express yourself, in however you are as a person. If you are private, then express that privateness. Liberating yourself looks different for everyone.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Beneath chest

Colour: Yellow

Governs: Personal power, self confidence, self esteem

Mantra: I am powerful

Sound: Rah

The Solar Plexus is our centre for personal power. Finding power and belief in ourself can help balance an unbalanced solar plexus. When unbalanced, we may feel under or over confident. To balance, find power in yourself. To do that, try practicing things you KNOW you can achieve. Try to achieve something small every day, and slowly build up, let yourself find your power. Over time, you'll be able to achieve goals you maybe wanted to but never could.

The Heart Chakra

Location: Chest

Colour: Green

Governs: Love, for self, for others

Mantra: I am loved

Sound: Yah

The Heart Chakra governs love. When unbalanced, we may feel unloved or unloveable. To balance, try practicing self love. Don't compare yourself to others, try comparing yourself to your own younger self and see how you've grown. If you feel a lack of love in your life, focus on where you feel most happy and try to create more of that. The happier we are, the more we love ourselves and others. If your happy place is curled up watching tv, do that. If it's reading, do that. If you miss your friends or family, message them. Try show your love for others. Okay, so you don't have to dote all your mates with sweet nothings, but even making a bit more effort to hang out with someone can make them feel loved so it's all relative.

KNOW you are loved. We are all loved.

The Throat Chakra

Location: Throat

Colour: Blue

Governs: Self Expression, truth

Mantra: I am expressive

Sound: Hah

The Throat Chakra governs basically how we express ourselves with our words. When unbalanced, we can talk too much or too little, over share, lie, etc. Not be authentic with our words. To balance, try to be yourself in your interactions, know you are safe to express yourself authentically. Sing, if you like to, in the shower and so on. Give your voice a work out. Scream in the forest. Use your words wisely, know they have power. The main sort of point is to be yourself - be who you want to be.

The Third Eye Chakra

Location: Forehead

Colour: Violet

Governs: Foresight, seeing truth

Mantra: I see truth

Sound: Om

The third eye chakra governs seeing truth. Also apparently some people can see energy such auras, which probably comes from gifts in the third eye. Idk maybe we are all supposed to but we are super blocked, who knows. But, the third eye governs more than physically seeing energy. It contributes to our perception of truth. When unbalanced, we maybe are susceptible to falling for deception, or falling into delusion.

So I think most people's third eyes are closed, to the best of my understanding people on Earth operate in different chakras. I'll explain.

Not all chakras are open. I think everybody on Earth has an open Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus chakras and operate from these. This is what I've generally read. Then, due to the changes in society in recent years more people's heart chakras have opened. Which came first, the heart chakras opening so people were nicer, or people being nicer causing more heart chakras to open. Who knows. But they are mostly open now.

So the journey is about balancing the lower chakras, and becoming used to having open higher chakras. I know that currently my journey is about balance my throat, finding self expression. That's why I'm unsure what to write about how to balance the third eye, cause for me I'm only in the stages of opening it. I still fall for deception, and can misunderstand things.

I know that methods others say to open it include your classic spiritual activities basically, meditation, yoga, breath work. Apparently fluoride blocks the third eye.

One practice that may be useful in working with the third eye would be visualisation, using your imagination. You can use it to visualise the future, things you want or places you want to be. This would be manifesting, using your thoughts to create reality. Trying to bring the things your imagining towards you. Feel the emotions as if you already have your desire, feel gratitude.

Went off topic there but the third eye is basically how we see truth, and to balance we can try to do that. Try to feel into what your body says about others words, your gut. This can pick up on deception before our conscious mind, so learning to trust it can help us open up the third eye as they align.

The Crown Chakra

Location: Above the Head

Colour: White

Governs: Connection to others, the universe, the divine.

Mantra: I am connected to all

Sound: Om

The Crown Chakra governs our connection to all. When unbalanced or blocked, we may feel lonely or cut off. We can balance this by imagining white light pouring from the sky into our heads and through our bodies. That's using the power of visualisation given from the third eye, the challenges all come in order.

Other ways to balance would be feeling the connection to others we don't know, to animals, plants. Try talking to nature and feel it whisper back. Know we are connected to all, and we are part of all, it's beautiful.

Obviously this chakra business comes along with some spiritual beliefs, so this is all just my understanding of things. But yes the crown chakra connects us to the divine, whatever that may be to you.


So! That's brief run down of the chakras. Also to balance them, we can meditate. A simple mediation would be visualising a ball of colour, the colour of whatever chakra you want to heal and imagine it getting brighter and brighter. See it dull and then imagine it spinning till it's bright. This can be repeated for any chakra.

I hope this all helped you guys understand the chakras a little more. Peace out.

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