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Follow your Joy

Hey guys. Today I’d like to write about a spiritual practice I am somewhat starting to embody, that may be useful if you’re searching in your own life.

And that practice is: following your joy. Let me elaborate…

Many of us are restless, sad, aggravated with life, and searching for what we can do to make our lives better. Maybe you are trying to decide on what career path you should go down, or what you should study, or what you should do on Tuesday!

Well, it’s hard to know what the “best” possible thing to do is (maybe there is t a best, just different possibilities), with anxious fears of future situations coming to mind for all options.

Well, when making these decisions or even deciding what to do day to day, something I am starting to do after seeing posts on insta telling me to “follow my joy” is to do just that, try and do what I enjoy the most or decide on what I’d enjoy the most.

If you don’t know, try! And see which you like more. When something is for you, you can do it for ages without getting bored. I always get bored - but when writing I do it for relatively long amounts of time happily which points towards it being something that I should do. Not only do I enjoy it, but I get into that flow state of hours passing by when I do.

Obviously, we all gotta make a living - so we shouldn’t all quit our jobs with no back up plan. But, when possible, spend time trying to decipher what you enjoy the most and maximise your time doing that. If you can’t find joy at work, find joy in your hobbies! There’s something for everyone.

The point of all this, following your joy, is based on the philosophy of finding joy in the present moment, and trusting that doing that will welcome more abundance of joy into our lives in the future.

This comes back to manifestation laws, such as the law of attraction. Being in a state of joy brings joyful experiences towards you, as well as flips the way we perceive negative situations which again aids in us feeling better overall and changing our realities from the inside out. So finding joy in the present moment can be a practice which ultimately brings you more happiness in the future.

All these creating hacks come together. I use affirmations for meditation (as I mention alll the time (because they work!)) which has given me more control over the mind. This is a big step in cancelling negative thoughts and changing your mental state - in order to find clarity in the present moment. It’s easier to be aware of what’s going on when your mind is cleaner. Then from there, I have been offered the space to consider moment to moment what brings me the most joy.

I reckon this practice can be extrapolated to just about anything. Choosing food you love, spending time with people you love, consuming media which brings you joy.

Create in a way that brings you joy! However you create, whether it be singing, cooking, dancing, writing, drawing etc do it if it brings you joy!

There are some things we need to force ourselves to do, which brings joy in the future. Such as cleaning. When doing tasks you don’t enjoy, but have to do, I have seen a trick which is to affirm “I find this easy”, “this is an easy task”, “I enjoy this” and stuff like that which overtime changes your feelings about doing these tasks. Ultimately bringing more joy into our lives! Additionally, one can focus on the future outcome of joy from doing the chore in the beginning. I’m just starting with this trick, so in a few weeks and after I’ve gutted my house (I find this easy) (lol) (I don’t) I’ll report back on how it goes.

If it’s anything like the affirmations, it’s been a journey where it continues to take me to new levels and it’s been happening for years. Now I can use them to quieten my mind at any time, as well as feeling more confident and hardy from the effects of the statements themselves rewiring my mind.

So that’s what to do when faced with a task you don’t enjoy. Try tell yourself you enjoy it till you do! Obviously if your morals are tested with any action, refusing to do so is a better option that trying to trick yourself into thinking you like it. But cooking, cleaning, etc if you dislike try it!

If you have a passion, or inspiration of any kind - that’s your gift from the universe and you should follow it! Maybe you’ll change the world with your song, or maybe it’ll simply bring you joy to create it which changes the world anyway (happy drops make a happy ocean!).

I hope this has inspired you to follow your joys, as much as possible, and to transmute your non-joys using affirmations (my favourite trick). Thanks for listening guys!

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