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The Plot Thickens...

So, I got brought back to hosp. Political statement over – but the fight continues from the inside. As some research into my situation has brought to light – things are worse than they seem, systematically, for those in my position.

Firstly, and a root problem in this situation, is the objectification of vulnerable people. With this objectification, comes a loss of control for the individual. In some cases, people need care. In others, they have control of themselves stripped and given to others who don’t always have their best interests at heart.

Even, if they do at the start. Now, I would like to discuss the phenomena of power. From what I have observed in this hospital, is that it really does corrupt. Now, I know these doctors aren’t world leaders, but what they have is a very rare circumstance in which they have total control over several patients bodies and freedom at once. What I have observed, is that they (whether they intend to or not), abuse this power. This human psychological phenoma of abusing power over other people is proveable through the stanford prison experiment.

I imagine that over time it has gone to their heads, and as mentioned in the previous article many are left with no care, no enjoyment, and no freedom for months on end: for no reason. In law, there should be protection over this kind of control being given away to another.

Furthermore, patients have the option to assign a “named person” – and are pressured to do so. This named person has more say over the patients care than the patient themselves, and in some situations this person could be abusive and make the patients life worse. Even if not, it is another layer of self control stripped from a patient.

Fundamentally, this is wrong. These rules are designed to “protect” vulnerable people, but actually end up making their lives worse. Having been through this, this feeling of loss of power over my own life, I can say it is horrible. Degrading. Disturbing, actually, as the people who are in my care continually lie about me in legal settings.

Furthermore, I have discovered a loophole in the law. So, what do we know about loopholes? What one do we know? I – honestly – only really know about the tax avoidance ones. Hmm – accidental? Proabably not. Created so those with money can legally avoid taxes.

In my situation, I cannot access any kind of lawyer other than a mental health lawyer, and I cannot start a case, only attend tribunals that are prearranged by the NHS and have a board of NHS professionals deciding my fate. Furthermore, the opinion of the doctor is taken more seriously than my own word, because of this discrimination against those with mental conditions. This means, that I can in the worst case, be detained unendingly because one doctor won’t publically recognise my wellness, and not have access to any legal aid to enquire into mistreatment.

This is a horrible situation for any person to be in, and, it begs the question as to why this loophole was created in the first place. Accidental, or so there is a situation where somebody has no rights over their own freedom and body. Which, if accepted societally, could mean in the future they begin to strip more rights from others.

This is all legal discrimination. To view a person with a mental condition as so incapable they cannot even think for themselves. It is genuinely degrading. In society, there is stigma, and people can treat you very patronisingly when they know you have a mental condition. I find this offensive. Regard me as a human. The law does not. It has given the freedom of another to a set of indoctrinated professionals. I don’t get any freedom, and they don’t need to give me an end date for my stay. This is all more distressing than being at home, where care could be carried out.

Furthermore, the law meaning that doctors have full control over anothers medicine and can forcefully give you it if you refuse, is disgusting. I believe in holistic therapy and would like the opportunity to heal myself. The law will not allow this – which is to me, insanity. True insanity. Patients and doctors should work together to find solutions.

Now, I am refusing my medications on the basis I feel better, more myself, and healthier without them, and have been punished for doing so by more of my freedoms within the institution being stripped. This does not need to happen, they choose to do so in order to manipulate us into changing our minds. They could choose to listen to rationale, but instead try to force it upon us. I find it degrading. I know what is best for my body.

If medical professionals were able to regard their patients as equals, they may more easily be able to discuss and work with patients. I would happily work with my doctor, but instead he turns it into a power struggle and we bargain over medication I know I am better off without. My whole life is altered due to side effects from this medicine.

The milligram experiment is one which you may have heard of, but not know the name of. A doctor tells a person to shock another when they give an incorrect answer. The shock dial is pushed past the point of “danger of death” and the person continues, even though they know it is wrong, because the doctor tells them to. This shows we as a collective regard the opinions of professionals over our own knowing. Not beliefs, knowing. This is shocking.

Now, in mine and others situations, people believe the doctors over us when we say we feel okay. My doctors lied about me in a legal situation, which if they genuinely thought I needed to be here they would not have needed to do. Again, abuse of power. Knowing their word has more holding more than truth.

This is all wrong: and the laws NEED to change to reflect this imbalance of personal power. Even prisoners have more access to legal aid than mental health patients. It is wholeheartedly wrong. Join the fight – sign the petition. And stay tuned – this subject I feel very strongly about, and would love to end the stigma surrounding mental health.

Peace and love homies, Sign the petition

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