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The Intrigues' of Water

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

We are like 70/80% water. Water, is the elixir of life. Water, is beautiful.

And we all but know nothing of its wonders.

Where to begin, when describing the actual elixir of life? At least, carbon based life (us/all earthlings) (earthlings in this context is used to describe any earth life).

My dad once said aliens 100% exist, because there must be bacteria at least somewhere. My first thought was how boring, as aliens could plausibly actually exist in many different ways, intelligent ways at that, most likely superseding human knowledge. But still, aliens probably like 100% exist cause of that bacteria summation. Which is cool.

Water is found on other planets, meaning life could exist anywhere.

Is water a universal elixir? Would beings, perhaps with silicone based life also derive such from water?

Who knows. Who cares! Rn, we focus on water and its wonders, what it can teach us.

Big Fact No.1

Water can be crystallised/observed when different sounds are played to it, under a microscope or something. The patterns look like snowflakes, or mandalas. They are more beautiful depending on what they are exposed to.

A semi-famous experiment conducted by Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese doctor, was done by crystallising water after saying different words to samples of water.

Here are the results:

Pretty interesting. Could partly explain why we feel physical niceness when people compliment us, and feel it when we are insulted too. If the water in our body reacts in the same way that these samples do.

What this water experiment shows is that there is a layer of reality mostly unexplored, intention. I suppose? The intention of the words shows different water crystallisation, with pure intentions having more beautiful structures. Physically, it comes down to the vibrations in the air of the words. That’s what sound is. If this experiment is valid, then it shows that kindness in words produces more harmonic vibrations. Pretty cool discovery that water showed us.

I have seen advice to speak positivity into your water before drinking it because of this experiment, supposing that it will hold the intention and infuse it with your body.

From: IG

If this shit actually works it would be pretty cool. Based on the experiment above, there’s no reason why sending positive words to your water wouldn’t reap beneficial results. I never remember to do anything like this. Maybe I will try, every day for a week and see if I see any results. An experiment of sorts.

Big Fact No.2

Apparently, water holds memory. Pretty crazy, right? But, after being exposed to different natural material such as flowers, water retain a pattern of them imprinted into it. This article explains it well. It goes on to say that plants can read the information stored in water.

The first experiment is more what water can show us about words, sound, and this is more what wonders water holds. When thinking our own water within the body, can hold memories, that’s pretty insane. Not memories like we experience them, but energetic signatures imprinted upon the water. And if it reacts and forms in the way shown above, then it can be seen that using positive words towards others and ourselves could influence us in holistic, metaphysical ways.

Which is cool.

I guess there's probably not enough study into if these kind of methods work, making them pseudoscientific as far as influences on humans goes. But, if water reacts that way to kind/harsh words and we are made of water, then it can be presumed we are affected by words too. We already know that though, don’t we.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, BUT WORDS WILL HURT FOREVER!" - I think I heard this in Scrubs

Pretty interesting parallels to draw. More study is needed into these phenomena, and how we can harness the power of water for human development.

I have also heard that leaving water out in moonlight or sunlight can charge the water with those natural energies. Lunar and solar water can be used for splashing on a face, sprinkling on food, cleaning crystals etc. Or adding a few drops to drinking water is beneficial.

This practices theory is based on the fact that water holds memory, that the energies from the sun and moon will imprint onto the water and hold their energies. Furthermore, these celestial bodies are thought to give off beneficial energy for the body and mind. It all depends on what you believe.

For me, understanding energy and its influence in this world is easily translated into science through quantum mechanics. At the smallest level, everything is connected as its teeny tiny particles are all intermingling. The observer creates reality, as proven through the double slit experiment. Which is scientists observed light waves and they exhibited a certain patter through slits, that differed to when not observed. This is a cool video explaining all that:

This experiment I think is where wave/particle duality of light comes from. Pretty cool shit.

Sunlight is the most beneficial light for us, on a physical level giving us vitamin D. That is why it feels nice to be in the sun, because its good for us. And, why we feel a need to retire inside when its too much, cause our bodies know. The natural intuition of our bodies should never be ignored.

As it so happens, you most likely need more water in your body, a lot of us don’t drink enough. Sometimes pangs we feel in the body have a root cause of dehydration.

Try setting positive intentions into your water and see what happens!

Happy water-ploring xo

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