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Jesus and Interest

So, it turns out I’m a natural born Christian.

Okay; so that’s not entirely true. I would actually consider myself an “Omnist” - one who finds truth in all religions. But, I learned something pretty cool about Jesus recently. 

So, about 2 years ago I figured it all out. The biggest scam is interest. I think I mentioned it in the “Screw Money” article. It’s literally the creator of inequality. And, it’s entirely made up. I lend you £100 and you pay back £150. 

It seems absurd to consider a world without interest. We have been so conditioned to believe the economy runs on it. 

We have been conditioned to believe our current system is the only financial system that can exist. And, that it needs interest to run. We have collectively forgotten it was indeed humans who created the financial system in the first place, and therefore have the power to change it. 

I have not much idea what a world without interest would look like, but I bet a think tank of economists could come up with something. And we can open our minds to that. 

Anyway, other than occasionally ranting about interest in the pub what else is there to do? Well, still maybe nothing, but this recent development on the Jesus front has me thinking there truly is a world beyond interest. 

Apparently, when Zionists originally proposed the concept of interest I think with regards to a loan, Jesus went absolutely mental and tried to stop them. Kicking over chairs and tables and everything. 

So, why would he be so annoyed? Well, what do we know about Jesus? He was obviously knowing beyond the time he lived in, and was called the son of God. Who knows who he actually was, but all the same he knew a lot. So why would he be so angry about interest? Could he see into the future and know it would create inequality? Was he aware it was a damaging financial system? Given what we can presume he knew, if other worlds exist we can presume Jesus would have known about them - and maybe those who didn’t use interest in their financial system thrived more. Or maybe it’s knowledge from heaven and interest is sinful. Who literally knows, I just think he was a knowledgeable and influential enough person to listen to, and it’s mad he got so annoyed about it. It affirmed to me that inererest was something to question.

So, can our world exists without interest? With mounting debt for most and mounting wealth for some - it’s creating a rift in society that we are beginning to see get bigger. Somethings got to change, and maybe opening our minds to a new financial system is a way of changing for the better. 

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