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Growth vs Fixed Mindset

You maybe have heard of the terms fixed and growth mindsets. But what do they mean, exactly?

A fixed mindset is when you believe your intelligence, your skillsets, are fixed and cannot change. That you are the way you are and that’s never going to change.

On the flip side, a growth mindset is exactly that. When you see yourself as able to change and grow over time.

You can see which is more beneficial to have if you’re trying to improve yourself.

Probably, we all shift between these opposing mindsets daily, and in order to be able to make changes needed to grow, shifting more into the growth mindset is necessary.

Even with cognition of these opposing mindsets, I still fall into having a fixed mindset. For me it shows when I make a failure, I’m easy to give up. This is something you can consciously work through, when you notice it arising.

In life, working to shift your mindset will help you improve at skills you thought you’d peaked at. It’ll open your mind to the possibilities of new skills, knowing you can do anything you put your mind to.

Overtime, you may start noticing more possibilities and opportunities than before, because your subconscious beliefs that you are fixed in who you are could have been blinding you to opportunities you are capable of.

This page I found online may be helpful in shifting from a fixed to a growth mindset. It has different activities surrounding changing your mindset as well as more information about the research behind these ideas.

Happy personal development-ing!

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