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Affirmations: a follow up

So, having had a read through my previous posts I noticed a common theme: I have fallen into a hole and have found a new saving practice that’s got me out of it!! And I believe in these at the time, feeling like sharing. But in retrospect I hadn’t kept them all up. I have kept some though, and one in particular is using affirmations. 

In  the first post since I brought be back, “our thoughts create reality”. I mention three affirmations:

“I can do this” 

“I am strong”

“I am safe” 

Which I had been using and I felt like actually might have helped me. Well, I continue to use these affirmations in times of distress, and they actually do work. And, over time, the beliefs have solidified more and more and more consistently I show up for myself. They’re building up in strength the more they’re used. This is a lesson I think I’ve learnt about affirmations, and should encourage you to keep going on your journey if you have began implementing any. 

So let’s talk about affirmations. They are statements you say to yourself, which you would like more of in your life. It’s programming the subconscious mind. They say our subconscious mind and it’s beliefs attract certain things towards us via the law of attraction, and also that we feel certain ways about ourself based on our subconscious beliefs, so we can feel better and heal if we take control of them. It’s basically pseudo science at the moment; there’s documentaries about this stuff such as “the secret”, or “what the bleep do we know” is a look at quantum physics. This kind of knowledge is beginning to be backed up by science, but I don’t know how many studies there are into this stuff. I’ve just seen loads of info online. 

So I guess affirmations are pretty cool if they work. And I genuinely think they do. 

I think over time they really do solidify, and influence us more and more. I have found myself spending time repeating these affirmations when I’ve felt anxious and it helps. And now over time they’ve helped build my confidence - if I had an event I was nervous for, like an interview or something I don’t know, I would be able to use these affirmations before hand and give myself the confidence to not be nervous. I would recommend trying affirmations. 

You can make them whatever you like. I’ve read that you are supposed to follow a few sorta rules with affirmations and I’ve read why people say. I’ve considered if this is right but I think it actually is cause I followed it and I think these affirmations are working for me. 

You are meant to use the present tense. If you wanna be rich you would say “I am wealthy” - not “I am going to be wealthy”. I can’t remember exactly why but it’s something to do with the second statement not having an end date so the subconscious doesn’t know when the result will be achieved. Whereas if you use the present tense over time you begin to feel the way as if that was true, it essentially becomes true. 

I’ve seen people use screeds of long sentences as affirmations, whereas I think the short snappy ones I use are better. Mostly cause I don’t need to read them, and can use them whenever I like. I’m not sure if one’s better than the other. 

The last sorta rule is times it’s best to use affirmations, which is apparently when you’re in a relaxed state. Upon awakening or after meditation for instance. But I use them whenever so I guess you can do what you like. 

So I have really began to feel these affirmations are working, and I’ve committed to them for a while. I began to use them more when I first made the post about them, and since I have been keeping up and feel they’re definitely serving me. Would recommend. 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this for yourself!

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