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Side Hustle Inspo

Updated: Mar 11

Hey guys.

So, I have read loads about side hustle culture, So many people do random things to make money. People even use blogs to make money, but tbh that isn't what Be. is all about. Still, it's a crazy world, and some people do make money. Others (me, I'm others) lose money. BUT it's pretty cool. Some common side hustles:

  • Selling a product you create or service you provide on a platform like Shopify or Etsy.

  • Dropshipping (on platforms such as Shopify, dropshipping is when the product is sent directly to the customer from the supplier, meaning you just need to list and sell the products).

  • Trading stocks, forex, or crypto.

  • Freelancing (there are websites such as Upwork or Fiverr where you can advertise your freelance services)(you can freelance like any professional activity, coding, writing, project management etc).

  • Email marketing (creating an email list and selling products from websites with commission systems such as Clickbank or Digistore24).

  • Blogging (creating a blog in a popular niche with associated products, and affiliate selling the products/put ads on the blog).

  • Print on Demand (if you're an artist, on platforms like Redbubble you can sell your art as posters, mugs, anything really.)(Also on websites such as Teemill, Printify and Printful you can design your own products using their software and sell them straight from printer to customer).

Aaaaaaand print on demand is what I am trying. On Teemill. Which, is a really cool platform. Unlike Printify and Printful you can only sell clothing, but, it is all sustainably produced. Down to the factory itself being solar powered. How cool is that? They even have an option to create a website to sell your products.

So, I used their website to create some t-shirts I am now trying to sell. It's actually pretty fun! Check out some of the designs!!

So this has been a fun endeavour, and now I am trying to sell them! I think part of the thing with this whole side hustle culture, is that it's fun to spend your free time doing something, not just watching tv (or napping like I do lol) - so why not try make a bit of extra money while doing so. And hey, maybe you have a skill or can make something which you can sell as a side hustle. Or, you could spend your time learning new things or skills or subjects online. I liked the creative side of making these, I think it's also important to have a creative outlet.

If you like any feel free to buy one! I bought one to check the material, and it's really nice. Soft and the printing quality is great. The materials are all organic so it's pretty cool!

That's all from me! Good luck on any future side hustle endeavours my homies. Peace out!

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