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I Think Multivitamins Saved my Life

So, I guess you could say I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. Big time, actually. 

I won’t go into details, but it’s been a hard year. And one thing that’s suffered majorly in this slump, has been my diet. 

I noticed my once sort of alright diet had become a sea of processed foods, sugary drinks and sweet treats. I was eating very little, and what I ate wasn’t good for you. It crept up on me all at once, over time I had been becoming more and more sluggish then suddenly I realised I had absolutely zero energy compared to the same me a few months ago. It was crazy. 

What had happened to me? I was losing the will to live. I barely did anything I used to enjoy anymore, spending my time slumping instead of doing little tasks and hobbies. My house was regularly a mess. It was the opposite of who I thought myself to be, and I was lost. 

So one day when reflecting on this, I came to the sudden dawning that my health might seriously suffer since my intake of nutrients was so low. I hadn’t much considered it whilst being on the rollercoaster of fast food, but I started to wonder if it had been affecting me. 

So in a fit of inspiration, I took some multivitamins my mum got me months ago, to counteract this poor diet. The pills in question are called “Heights”. They contain a myriad of vitamins, and my mums been raving about them since she started. So I took them, and unlike whenever I’ve tried vitamins or the like in the past, I actually took them every day. 

I guess a part of me, whenever I’ve bought vitamins or supplements before, must have thought I was basically fine so didn’t need them. A subconscious part of me, which resulted in me forgetting to take them. Cause god, I’ve bought tonnes of supplements before, turmeric, sea moss, loads of stuff. Just for the health benefits. But I always forgot to take them. 

Then this new absolute fear comes upon me, and suddenly I’m scared into taking these mofos on the daily. And I have been, I literally just took them there today. 

And, well, they actually bloody worked. Very very well. Just about 4, maybe 5 days in I noticed I had a huge amount of energy. I got up early on my day off, and even went for a walk around town. This is unheard of for me, even before the slump. So what was going on? 

I entirely blame these pills. My wonder vitamins. They’ve completely saved me from what could have been a spiral into the unknown health wise. My house is clean again, I feel real again, it’s great. 

It’s so easy to just take pills instead of having to worry about your diet. Home cooked food is almost always better and you feel better and it tastes better, but even that lacks in nutrients cause of modern farming, so having a back-up intake of nutrients is probably a good idea. 

I’d highly recommend these pills Heights. I reached out to them on instagram, about my story of them saving me, and have now a discount code for my followers so you guys go wild! It’s:


And will get you 15% off subscription purchases. But it’s after a real, and very true story. These pills are designed very well and might release vitamins better than cheap ones in the supermarket. But I imagine taking anything is helpful. 

Anyway, with my newfound energy I actually had the motivation to write this, there will I’m sure be more posts to come in time, especially if I keep up remembering to take these wonder pills, so stay fresh and keep rocking guys. Peace out x

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